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I have collected videos of my excursions to Rome and other sites of interest to ancient history enthusiasts. You can also find my machinima projects there, the work I have done on Second Life and Moviestorm.


This is the most prolific part of my site. I have thousands of photos on the photo-sharing site, Flickr. In this section you will find my favorite photos of Rome and other ancient cities, as well as photos I have taken of not so ancient things.


In the art section you can find my infamous pinups as well as cartoons and other 3D artwork I have rendered over the years.


I have done a lot of writing over the years, in magazines, journals and directly on the net on a wide range of subjects including ancient Rome, fiction, drama, comedy, etc. This section showcases some of the work I've done. You can check my blog feed for new material, too.

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This site is directly plugged into my accounts with my Twitter and Posterous (blog) accounts. Anyone wishing to follow my regular postings need only look here for the latest scribblings. I post on a lot of different topics: photography, history, ESL, comedy, fiction and much more.


Here I will post the books I have read on ancient Rome and others. If you want to read one of them, a link will be provided to where you can read more about it and buy it, if you so desire.

I hope you enjoy and come back often!
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